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Lust Ocademy

the academy for your lustful,
orgasmic love life.

Would you like to feel as intoxicated by pleasure, lust and passion for your partner again as you did when you first met? At the LustOcademy, you'll learn how to enjoy more pleasure, passion and ease (again) and make your sexual fantasies come true.

Pleasure. Love. Passion. Lightness.

Does that sound too good to be true?.

Then pay attention now, here's your future... .

Imagine you come home from a long day at work and you greet each other with a long, passionate kiss. You feel safe, loved and have butterflies in your stomach again.

You prepare the meal together, flirt and laugh while you can hardly keep your hands off each other. During the meal, you keep looking deep into each other's eyes, talking and enjoying every moment together.

Dessert is served in the bedroom afterwards... You feel your partner's hands caressing your curves and your body relaxing more and more. You let yourself fall into the pleasure...

You feel the connection of body, mind and soul ... You no longer wait for the orgasm ... you become the orgasm.

This moment, electrifying from beginning to end, waves of pure pleasure pulsate through your whole being...

You feel alive. Intoxicated by lust and passion. All this and more is possible...

Contact me now without obligation and let's talk about what you can do to feel happier all around in a free initial consultation!

Bereit für dein lustvolles Liebesleben

Lust and pleasure are skills, that can be learned and reactivated.

If you want things to go back to the way they used to be and even better, then I will accompany you to your destination.

Because I know exactly how you are feeling right now. I was once exactly where you are right now. Full of longing for more touch, connection, closeness, lust, pleasure, ecstasy and passion. But since I opened the “box of orgasmic pleasure“, I've been living my pleasure with orgasmic passion. You can do it too and I'll show you how.

Are you ready for your lustful, pleasureful love life?

How YOU can benefit from it


In &

Get out of your head and into your feelings: get off the carousel of thoughts and find new ways to feel good in your body and more emotionality in order to find the fulfillment in your sex life that you so long for.



Find out what you really want deep down inside.

Gain clarity about your needs, preferences and boundaries. And learn strategies and techniques to help you get what you want.



Get to know your senses better and learn how to use them.

Come into harmony with yourself and learn to better understand your desires and those of your partner. And use this knowledge for deeper and closer relationships.

Endlose Negativspirale

What happens if nothing happens?

Why is it worth actively taking control of your sex life?
Don't allow sex to become a taboo subject in your life. Don't force yourself into a corset of avoidance strategies in which disappointment, sadness, ignorance, frustration and shame alternate. Otherwise you will quickly end up in a negative spiral:


Emotional distance from your partner...
Frustration & dissatisfaction
Communication problems
Living apart


No longer feeling attractive and desirable
Constantly experiencing rejection
Falling self-esteem


Stress & tension in everyday relationships
Constant arguments & discussions
Psychological effects


affairs, infidelity
Loss of confidence


Impending separation with costly consequences
House hunting

Your mentor

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Everyone deserves the best in bed and the best in life.

I also thought for a long time that sex was a taboo subject that people didn't talk about. And I agreed when others said “Well, sex isn't that important“.

But the truth is that I have a side that defines me, that accompanies my joie de vivre, that gives me energy, that is part of my vitality, concealed, shamefully hidden, suppressed, because the girl in me had learned “That's not proper!“.

Hi ich bin Constanze

HiI'm Constanze
your Lust Mentor

Lust Mentor & Coach
Former Managing Director
Kink lover
loving mom

So if you want to know now how...

you can bring this “lust and pleasure“ into your life,
you can create an orgasmic love life for yourself,
you can enjoy yourself 100% and let go,

... then book an appointment now and let’s talk.

Customer testimonials

Don't listen to me,
listen to the success
of my customers!

be the next one

Peter, 34 years

Graduate of the "Passion" mentoring program

Mentoring with Constanze helped me to rekindle the passion in our relationship and to have more and more satisfying sex again.


Michaela, 35 years

It was a great relief for me to tell someone about my "problem".

My relationship has changed a lot for the better after two months. There is so much more that I have learned, apart from the topic of sex.


Stefan, 35 years

Graduate of the "Passion" mentoring program

I have now overcome my frustration and have an honest, passionate and pleasurable connection with my wife again and therefore more sex again.


Tobias, 43 years

Graduate of the "Love" mentoring program

Especially with this intimate topic, it was a compelling reason to understand each other and feel that you are in good hands.(...) All in all, I have become much more relaxed and calmer. I enjoy my life a lot more now because a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after facing this situation with my wife (no more sex for years!).


Jan, 43 years

Graduate of the "Passion" mentoring program

Constanze is a great coach. I can only recommend her to anyone. Her positive mindset and empathy made me feel very well looked after and understood right from the first meeting.


Verena, 50 years

Graduate of the "Lust" mentoring program

I have found ways to rediscover my lust here. I have also found ways to find myself again.


Steffen, 41 years

Graduate of the "Passion" mentoring program

My goal was to get the passion and connection back into my marriage after almost 16 years of marriage. (...) What I was missing - and this crept in over time - was closeness and connection with my wife.


Niko, 32 years

Graduate of the "Lightness" mentoring program

I had somehow lost the lightness in my sex life and developed pressure to perform which in turn led to erection problems and took the fun and enjoyment out of sex. I always had the feeling that I had to perform...


Torsten, 47 years

Graduate of the "Lightness" mentoring program

After years of sexual rejection from my partner, I started to struggle with erectile dysfunction. I had put myself under too much pressure and my head had made sure that my body no longer wanted what it should have wanted.


Vanessa, 28 years

You have changed our relationship so drastically.

I'm now looking forward to immersing myself even more in the kinky world, WITHOUT any reservations about my body, completely out of abundance and without any stupid thoughts.


Laura, 24 years

I am totally surprised that the coaching with Constanze was able to change so much in me in such a short time.

The tools she gives me help me a lot to see things from a different perspective and to release blockages...


Manuela, mom, 35 years

Sex now has a different significance for us as a couple than just "letting off some pressure", but is nourishing and brings us closer together on a completely different level.


Fabian, 41 years

Through mentoring with Constanze, I have accepted my fetish as a part of me and am finally no longer ashamed of it.


Marius, 30 years

My reason for contacting Constanze was to end my sexual dissatisfaction.

Our sessions have helped me a lot to get to know myself better and to have a fulfilling sex life now.


Björn, Dad, 36 years

She helped us to understand each other better

I wanted a lot more attention, also in the form of sex. Overall, we've developed a lot as a couple and have had some exciting experiences together since then ;-)

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